The Seashell Girl’s Photograph Get’s Published…

The Roseate Spoonbill and the Tricolored Heron

The Roseate Spoonbill and the Tricolored Heron

Rockport, Texas is a haven for hardcore fishermen and fisherwomen. It’s also a haven for two types of tourists seeking those warmer winter months. The first is the nature enthusiasts, the bird watcher, known as Snowbirds. The second  “Winter Texan” of sorts, would be the majestic Whooping Crane. Brought back from extinction, the Whooping Cranes are the largest birds in America that migrate to Rockport from Canada in October and leave in the spring. Rockport is not only a home to these magnificent creatures it is a sanctuary to many splendid species of birds. I am so fortunate to be able to see the wildlife all around me, in this amazing little diamond in the rough on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Fulton Beach Road is a beautiful little  scenic road  that runs all the way to downtown Rockport and it literally hugs Aransas Bay, I live off of of this beautiful scenic route, and for three weeks now I have driven by Old Cottage Beach, which is right down the road, maybe one minute from my house, and happens to be home to a Roseate Spoonbill and a Tricolored Heron. I finally decided to grab my camera and get down there to take some shots of these amazing and fascinating creatures. I took many pictures but this is the picture I submitted to WWN Rockport. Low and behold it was published,  I was so surprised , and of course really excited. I will post some more pictures of the amazing birds I get to see all year round here in Rockport, right in the lagoons across from my house.


Seashell Girl Crabbin’…


Not only do I love to fish, I love to go crabbin’.  I have loved catching these critters since I was old enough to walk. You don’t need much to catch these tasty treats, just tie a raw chicken neck to a long string, toss it in the water and food is on the way. Oh yeah, crab traps can be used too but I like to catch the critters the old string way, it’s a challenge, and it’s tons of fun. Down here on the Texas Gulf Coast we pull in blue crab, and boy do they taste fantastic! Oh how I love summer.


Seashell Girl Paints Sundown Over the Bay…

Sundown Over the Bay is my second painting.


I am learning more about this painting thingamajig every day, YouTube is the best teacher. It is very cathartic to paint, that’s why I love it so. I enjoy painting from imagination and blending the colors, that’s my favorite part.

I also spent some of the day sketching. I have never really sketched anything before, and it wasn’t easy. I learned to sketch palm trees and boats. I learned how to make a boat starting with a figure eight, believe it or not.



Now I have to learn how to paint a palm tree and a boat. We shall see…


The Seashell Girl Might Just Have An Artistic Side…

I love living in Rockport, Texas for many reasons. Among those reasons, it’s one of the most scenic little township’s on the gulf coast, if not in the lone star  state. Of course, that’s my personal opinion, and you can come see for yourself if you’re curious. Another alluring reason to love this picturesque town is it is home to local artists and sports some really fantastic art galleries which makes it very diverse and colorful. Certain times of the year you can drive down Fulton Road and see artist that have set up their spots, right on the edge of the water entrenched in painting their masterpieces, it’s so fascinating to me, they all look so peaceful. This past weekend we had a houseful of out of town company and my girlfriend and I set out to do some sightseeing in town. I had expressed my desire to stop by The Rockport Center for the Arts so I could inquire about art classes. Terry and I went in and I got the information I was after and we spent the next two hours browsing the art that was being showcased. One particular artist caught our eyes. Her name is Pamela Fulcher, she is a photographer and her technique is putting her fabulous photographs onto aluminum. These were stunning pieces. The annual Rockport Art Festival chose to feature her art on their 2014 art festival poster.IMG_0064_2


I have begun my own journey into the art world by shelling some bottles with some of the personal treasures consisting of seashells, and sea glass, found by me, of course, right here in Rockport, Fulton Road, Howard Murph Park, and St. Joe’s Island Port Aransas, Texas. The act of this task has unleashed the artist within and I have this strong desire to paint. Paint, really? I have never even considered myself artsy, at all. Even more strange is the desire to paint this picture I snapped off of the end of our pier. My husband and I were fishing off the end of our neighborhoods 650′ pier, he said “turn around and take a picture of that”.snapped this incredible photo with nothing more than my iPhone 5!


Is my artistic side emerging? Could The Seashell Girl really be an artist?  The only way to find out is to try a few brush strokes. En plein air…we shall see…

Seashell Girl Shells a Mirror…


This is the piece de resistance I have been working on for a couple of months now and I thought it was time to share it. I have found every shell and piece of seaglass right here in Rockport, Texas and St. Joe’s Island in Port Aransas, Texas, and a few on Sanibel Island, Florida. I am almost finished but not quite.

As I was shelling this mirror, I couldn’t help but ooh, and ahh, when I pulled a shell out of a bag, they seem like old friends to me. Yep, I no doubt have become a SHELLUNATIC!

Seashell Girl Has Insomnia…

Well my insomnia has taken over and I thought that writing a post would be cathartic. What is my purpose in life? That is the ten million dollar question. Everytime I ask that question I end up on the beach, or I find the beach littered with Angel Wings, and Starfish, on separate occasions, and lately I’ve been finding an abundance of clear sea glass, and I know this is God speaking. I keep praying for some kind of clarity, and there is the abundance of clear seaglass I have found the past two times I have been on a hunt.


It’s fascinating to me, the beach, it’s cathartic, I think because it’s so vast, and I know I am being pulled towards it.


I pray when I walk along the beach, it seems like I am alone with God, it’s so easy just to let go…



Padre Island National Park Turtle Release….

Today is my birthday. After fishing until wee hours of the morning, with my girlfriends an hour and forty minutes out to Padre Island National Seashore to see the release of the 24 hour old Kemp Ridley Sea Turtles go into the gulf, and it was spectacular! Darling little creatures.