Seashell Girl Has Insomnia…

Well my insomnia has taken over and I thought that writing a post would be cathartic. What is my purpose in life? That is the ten million dollar question. Everytime I ask that question I end up on the beach, or I find the beach littered with Angel Wings, and Starfish, on separate occasions, and lately I’ve been finding an abundance of clear sea glass, and I know this is God speaking. I keep praying for some kind of clarity, and there is the abundance of clear seaglass I have found the past two times I have been on a hunt.


It’s fascinating to me, the beach, it’s cathartic, I think because it’s so vast, and I know I am being pulled towards it.


I pray when I walk along the beach, it seems like I am alone with God, it’s so easy just to let go…



Padre Island National Park Turtle Release….

Today is my birthday. After fishing until wee hours of the morning, with my girlfriends an hour and forty minutes out to Padre Island National Seashore to see the release of the 24 hour old Kemp Ridley Sea Turtles go into the gulf, and it was spectacular! Darling little creatures.